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10 Things to Know
About Abbott ePublishing

1. Abbott ePublishing is a division of Abbott Media Group, a publisher of downloadable, affordable electronic books (eBooks) in various formats. We launched in late March, 2009 with a solid inventory that is always growing.

2. In recent years, we've published
almost all our eBooks exclusively in .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format) and some remain in Mobipocket format as well. See our eBook formats page for more information on these formats.)

3. Books offered by Abbott ePublishing include original non-fiction and fiction works, as well as some value-added public domain classics. We believe in selling a unique and eclectic collection that will have wide appeal to many readers.

eBooks DOWNLOAD AUTOMATICALLY after PayPal payment is made. You will be directed from PayPal to a "secret" download page for your eBook. If they do NOT appear in your inbox within 5 hours, contact US FIRST at publisher(at)

5. eBOOKS COST TOO DARNED MUCH! We believe that eBooks will never become "mainstream" if theyíre too expensive. Some large sites sell eBooks for between $10 and $15 - or even HIGHER! Thatís absurd, and it prices consumers out of the market, especially in this economy. We believe the consumer deserves more for their money. Thatís why almost all of our books cost less than $4.99, and most sell for about $1.99.

6. About a third of our eBooks are offered FREE! Many of these are ORIGINAL WORKS found ONLY on this site. Some are heavily edited public domain or out-of-print works. All are "value-added," and include wonderful cover art, great editing, and often some very nice fonts that add to the texture of the work.

7. Authors who write for us also get a fair deal. Our signed authors are paid 50 percent of the sale price for their original works. Thatís higher than other e-publishers, and a much higher percentage than traditional book publishers pay out. We love to publish previously unpublished works. See our "Become a Signed Author" page for more details about writing for us.

8. We use PayPal for all sales on the Abbott ePublishing Website. At this time we cannot take other forms of payment.

9. Our eBooks are viewable on almost all devices, including phones and handhelds, including the Amazon Kindle.

10. All sales are final, for obvious reasons. It would be impossible to "return" an electronic book. But if youíre not satisfied, please let us know why, so we can make improvements and make things right with you.

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