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The American Citizen's Handbook - exclusively at Abbott ePublishing
The American Citizen's Handbook
by Abbott ePublishing

Compiled by Abbott ePublishing, The American Citizen's Handbook is a remarkable and impressive patriotic collection of American-themed poetry, music, and historic documents is a "must-have" for any American citizen or those seeking to become one.


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Selected Speeches of Daniel Hannan, MEP by Abbott ePublishing

Literally overnight, Daniel Hannan, a little-known member of the European Union Parliament from the South East England district has become a conservative icon throughout the world.


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Great American Speeches Since 1960, by Abbott ePublishing
Great American Speeches Since 1960 by Abbott ePublishing

Over 20 of the greatest, most rousing and most important speeches of the last half century are included here. Americans with names such as Kennedy, King, Goldwater, Clinton, Reagan, Cosby, MacArthur, Obama and McCain are to be found in this rare and wonderful collection.


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Selected Speeches of Barack Obama
Selected Speeches of President Barack Obama by Abbott ePublishing

The articulate, inspiring campaign speeches of this obscure freshman senator from Illinois landed Barack Obama in the White House - America's first African-American president.

$3.99 NOW JUST $1.99!

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Selected Speeches of President Ronald W. Reagan by Abbott ePublishing
Selected Speeches of President Ronald W. Reagan by Abbott ePublishing

From Ronald Reagan's landmark 1964 speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater that launched the conservative movement in America to his heartfelt and touching Farewell speech in 1989, his inspirational words come alive here with the inclusion of the FULL TEXTS of all his major speeches and addresses. This is an incredible resource and a MUST-HAVE if you love The Gipper!


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Selected Speeches of Ted Kennedy by Abbott ePublishing
Ted Kennedy: Selected Statements & Speeches by Abbott ePublishing

He was the Lion of the Senate -
the third-longest serving US Senator in history, the Leader of Liberalism and the man who carried on the Kennedy Legacy until his death in August, 2009.


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Abbott ePublishing's BIONOTES series. Get to know great people... Click here for details.

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