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With Abbott ePublishing!

Abbott ePublishing is actively seeking authors to sign with us!

Unlike many major publishing houses, and even some online publishers, we actively seek out and LOVE to sign previously unpublished authors.

New talent is fine with us. We want to encourage these new authors by bringing their work to the world through eBooks, which we believe is the format in which many people will read books in the future.

Our contract is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. It protects both the author and the publisher. All terms are, of course, negotiable.

Authors who let us produce books of original content and sell it here at our Website receive 50 percent of the online sales price as a royalty. That’s truly an amazing figure in the publishing business (both off-line AND online) but we want to reward our authors for their hard work.

We are accepting submissions in a wide variety of areas.

Please follow the guidelines below and email your submissions to publisher(at)

Our guidelines are as follows:
  • We are accepting and actively seeking submissions.
  • Submissions should be in double-spaced text in a readable typeface (Arial, Times New Roman, or Tahoma are common) 12-point type size.
  • A note on length: Our philosophy is that eBooks should be not a page longer, nor shorter, than they need to be. No padding with unneeded words, just to get up to a "magical" 200-page length. Some eBooks will work perfectly at 45 pages, but others will settle in comfortably between 50 and 75 pages.
  • Submit entries in MS Word .doc format, as an email attachment.
  • Entries should be spell-checked, grammatically correct and ready for publication. They may be further edited by us for length or content, and of course for grammatical clarity and for spelling errors.
  • Include full contact information (name, full street address, phone with area code, and email) a synopsis of 50-75 words, and a 100-word or less biography of the author.
What we are seeking - genres and specific subject guidelines: (updated December, 2016)
  • Fiction - We are seeking works of general fiction, mystery and romance (no porn!) of at least 10,000 words in length.We’re seeking submissions of short-short “Flash Fiction” works of 750 words or less, for at least two Flash Fiction Anthology eBooks. Topics can be history, horror, science fiction (including alternate history, Steampunk, Time Travel, and future history) fantasy, and historical and contemporary romance (non-pornographic.) Works must be complete stories, with a character or characters, a plot and a resolution. More than one story per author may be considered for publication in anthologies. Authors may submit up to five completed stories for consideration. (Authors who are proficient in the genre, and have five or more completed Flash Fiction stories, may be considered for a full eBook of Flash Fiction stories under their own name.) Only authors whom five or more published works in an anthology, or in stand-alone eBooks, will be considered for royalties.
  • Religion - We are seeking original works about specific religions, or those focusing on ancient and modern religions - especially New Religious Movements - either from a sympathetic or neutral viewpoint (no anti-cult polemics.) Works on Neo-paganism, Wicca or The New Age Movement as it relates to spirituality and religion are also being sought. We also consider eBooks on theology (Christian or other faiths) Bible study, Biblical criticism, and Biblical history. If you worship in a "non-traditional" religion, we want to interview you for future sequel to our "Secret Religions" eBook.
  • History - We are seeking short original eBooks about ancient history (Fertile Crescent, Egypt, Rome, China, the Americas) focusing on the entire culture or a specific aspect of it, as well as more recent history, up to and including the present day. Biographies of historical figures, well annotated, are acceptable.
  • Inspiration & Self Improvement - Books about thriving in the workplace, or as an entrepreneur, spirituality, time management, and “inspirational thought of the day” eBooks.

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