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Selected Speeches of
                                      President Ronald W. Reagan by
                                      Abbott ePublishingSelected Speeches of President Ronald W. Reagan by Abbott ePublishing

From Ronald Reagan's landmark 1964 speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater that launched the conservative movement in America to his heartfelt and touching Farewell speech in 1989, his inspirational words come alive here with the inclusion of the FULL TEXTS of all his major speeches and addresses. Including:
  • Campaign announcement speech
  • Convention acceptance speech
  • Inaugural Addresses of 1981 and 1985
  • The 1983 "Star Wars" speech
  • Reagan's touching speech that comforted us after the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded
  • His tribute to the soldiers at Pointe de Hoc, France
  • The "Tear Down This Wall" speech
  • The heart-breaking farewell letter announcing his Alzheimer's diagnosis.
  • And MORE, all in one place!

This is an incredible resource and a MUST-HAVE if you love The Gipper!

JUST $3.99!!

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