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FORTY Ways to Make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinesses

by Stephen Abbott for Abbott ePublishing

A remarkably timely book, "Forty
Ways to Make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinesses" outlines forty of the easiest and HOTTEST businesses you can start for just a little cash - and almost INSTANTLY be in business for yourself!

In this tough economy, these are the businesses that will stand the test of time and may very well get you through some tough economic patches. Start them as part-time busineses and develop an empire!

                                                      Ways to Make a
                                                      FORTUNE with
                                                      MicroBusinesses!YOU CAN START YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS FOR UNDER $500! THIS BOOK SHOWS YOU HOW.

This STRAIGHTFORWARD, ALL ORIGINAL, easy-to-read eBook evaluates 40 Instant Businesses that are in demand and easy to start - on a shoestring budget, too.

THIS IS NO SIMPLE "List of businesses." Each business is carefully described, with DETAILED and INVALUABLE information about potential earnings, ease of set-up, marketing ideas, and potential legal pitfalls.

Forty Ways to Make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinesses
is now on sale for just $1.99!! That's an enormous savings off our regular list price! Act NOW!

$4.99 $1.99 (apx. 1.27 / S$2.50 / Aus$1.86 / 15.43 HKD)

Available in PDF format (suitable for reading on all e-devices)

Buy here via PayPal:

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ONLY 1.49

40 Ways
                                                          to Make a
                                                          FORTUNE with



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