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NEWLY PUBLISHED from Abbott ePublishing!
Jesus Calls Us To A Life Of
                                      Good WorksJesus Calls Us To A Life
Of Good Works

by Stephen Abbott, For The Jesus Followers

This sure-to-be influential eBook goes back to the source of the Christian Faith, Jesus, and seeks to explore what he actually said about Good Works - as opposed to what men since then have preached and taught about it.

Jesus' own words actually call us to a rich, joyful life of Good Works, which serve others, show God's love to the world, and are the basis for God's judgement of us in relation to our eternal lives.

This eBook will challenge the traditional understanding of how "Good Works" is taught from the world's Christian pulpits, urging us to take Jesus' words as seriously as he calls us to take them: as words that will not pass away.

Excerpts from the book:
"These teachings of his must never be diminished, belittled, or explained away, because they hold the power of our salvation from sin within them. But Jesus didn't just teach, or give commands, but he gave us an example that he said we could follow. Jesus lived, taught and died as a pure moral example, that we should follow him."

Jesus challenges us to be better than we are, not remain exactly as we were before we met him. The act of following Jesus is meant to transform us into human beings who more closely resemble this God-chosen pattern for our lives. We are to be BORN AGAIN in service and obedience to God, with the example of God's chosen exemplar always before our eyes. (John 3:3)"
Offered exclusively and for the first time from Abbott ePublishing, you can explore this deep, spiritually satisfying eBook (.PDF format, immediate download upon payment) for the introductory price of just US$1.99.

JUST $1.99

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