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The Prophesies of Madame Mary Ordana for the 2010sThe Prophesies of Madame Mary Ordana for the 2010s
by Madame Mary Ordana, exclusively
for Abbott ePublishing

  • Earthquakes in the Carribbean, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  • Political change and revolutions
  • Deaths of world leaders
  • Missing children
  • Career-ending scandals
  • MORE!
It's all here and all predicted by a mysterious Carribbean woman trained in the art of Vodoun and eager to share her gifts of prophesy and insight with the world.

Abbott ePublishing rushed this book into print in January, 2010, before these startling prophesies started coming true!

This is perhaps the most detailed book of prophesies you will ever read, and unlike any other collection of prophesies, for Madame Ordana's beautifully written and poetic stanzas - most of them in rhyme, will stand or fall on their very obviousness and clarity. But they are so beautifully written, in fact, that many will enjoy them for their beauty alone.

What people are saying:

"I usually don't buy these kinds of books, but the price was right, and I thought it was beautifully written, and I was surprised with the clarity and accuracy of some of these predictions! I highly recommend it." -- Robert T.

"These words of prophesy are like poetry! They are gorgeously written and are quite moving." -- Emily R.

"I will watch with interest to see whether more of what she says will come true in the coming years (some in 2010, like the "year of earthquakes" and discovery of a new possibly habitable planet, were proven correct!) and I've derived a lot of pleasure from the poetic nature of her writings. I hope she writes more in the near future." -- Jonathan P.

"If not one of these prophesies had come true, I would have recommended the book just for the beauty of its poetry. But amazingly, some have indeed come true. Amazing!" -- Peter A.

$1.99 Now just $1.49!

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